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Who we are

GFCL EV is a 100% subsidiary of GFL, part of the INOXGFL Group, manufacturing intermediate materials for Lithium-ion Batteries. The INOXGFL Group is an Indian conglomerate with a legacy spanning over 90 years. Our primary focus lies in two key business verticals: chemicals and renewable energy. This includes Fluoropolymers, Specialty Chemicals, Wind Energy & Renewables. The Group is a leader in each of these business segments.

We operate primarily through four publicly listed companies: Gujarat Fluorochemicals Limited (GFL), Inox Wind Energy Limited, Inox Wind Limited, and Inox Green Energy Services Limited. With a global presence and a robust distribution network, the INOXGFL Group continually strives to enhance its value.

Who are we
Mission Vision

Mission & Vision

GFCL EV is driven by a mission to offer cutting-edge material solutions that go beyond customer expectations in quality, cost, and delivery. Our commitment to sustainable success extends to People, Planet, Prosperity, and the thriving empowerment of our valued employees.

Ethics & Values

At GFCL EV, we are committed signatories to UN Global Compact, Responsible Care, and Women's Empowerment. We uphold the highest standards of corporate governance, emphasizing customer understanding, innovation, and employee collaboration to attract top talent and create diverse opportunities globally and in India. Excellence is our hallmark, both professionally and personally.

Ethics & Values
GFCL Partners

Why Partner with GFCL EV?

Ready with intermediate materials for advance cell chemistries and electrolyte for LiBs and SiBs.

LiPF6 salt/NaPF6 salt manufacturing from India based plant - ability to provide US IRA Compliant Material.

Globally established technology & stringent quality control to meet performance and safety requirement demanded by the market.

Focus on backward integration: presence from mines to value-added products.

Volume ramp planned in sync with global and domestic demand.

Long-term strategic partnership for key intermediate materials.

Major domestic value addition to strengthen 'Make in India' mission and make India "Atmanirbhar Bharat" with volume ramp planned in sync with global and domestic demand.

Domestic value addition helps to support ACC PLI benefit for Indian domestic gigafactories shortlisted for PLI benefits.