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A full range of chemical solutions for Lithium and Sodium-ion batteries

(EV, ESS and 3C applications).

Range, safety, cost and battery life are some of the important destinations in the new frontier for battery manufacturers and automotive OEMs. GFCL EV's intermediate chemicals can help you get there. We provide battery manufacturers with sophisticated products such as battery binders, electrolytes, salts and other battery cell components.


A global brand for battery intermediate chemicals

battery solutions from GFCL EV

Accelerate your path to sustainable battery excellence.

Battery Chemicals
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Cathode Active Material (CAM)
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Fostering sustainable progress with eco-friendly operations

GFCL EV is dedicated to advancing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), driving positive change on a global scale. Through our cutting-edge technologies, we aim to redefine values, promoting healthier, more comfortable lifestyles while minimizing our environmental footprint.

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With products and services that have a significant impact on our lives, GFCL EV is constantly evolving to facilitate change in the living environments around the world.

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