Diverse Ventures, Global Reach


Gujarat Fluorochemicals Limited (GFL) is a key player in the INOXGFL Group, covering diverse segments like Fluoropolymers, Specialty Chemicals, Wind Energy, and Renewables.

GFL excels in producing Fluoropolymers, Fluoro specialties, Refrigerants, and Chemicals for various industries. Our strength lies in Fluorine Chemistry expertise, vertical integration from minerals to Fluoropolymers, and robust R&D, ensuring top-quality products meeting global regulatory standards.

GFL's journey started with India's largest Refrigerant unit in Ranjitnagar, Gujarat. In 2007, we expanded with a highly integrated facility in Dahej, Gujarat. GFL now offers a varied Fluoropolymer portfolio, including PTFE, PFA, FEP, FKM, PVDF, and Additives.

As we expand our reach into emerging sectors such as EVs, solar energy, and hydrogen fuel cells, we are establishing new production capacities for materials, including PVDF used as cathode binders in EV batteries, chemicals for EV batteries, and membranes for Hydrogen Electrolysers. With three Indian manufacturing facilities, a Fluorspar mine in Morocco, and global offices, GFL is a reputable player in Fluoropolymers and Fluorospecialties markets globally.

Innovation & Growth


The INOXGFL Group, a renowned cornerstone of Indian industry, brings a legacy spanning over 90 years of relentless pursuit of excellence and innovation. As a subsidiary of this esteemed conglomerate, GFCL EV is part of a rich heritage and a future-oriented vision. The Group's journey from a humble beginning to a multibillion-dollar enterprise is marked by its diverse portfolio, encompassing Refrigerants, Fluoropolymers, Speciality Chemicals, and a strong emphasis on Wind Energy and Renewables. With four listed entities under its wing, the Group boasts a formidable market capitalisation of around USD 5 Billion.

At the heart of INOXGFL Group's sustained success are two core business verticals: chemicals and renewable energy, operated through six pivotal companies. This includes Gujarat Fluorochemicals Limited (GFL), GFCL EV Products Limited, and others, each playing a crucial role in advancing the Group's mission. Our commitment to excellence is backed by a well-trained workforce and a robust distribution network, ensuring we stay at the forefront of meeting the evolving needs of our customers and contributing significantly to a sustainable future.