Enhancing Durability and Efficiency

Revolutionizing performance with advanced fluoropolymer technology

Discover the exceptional versatility and high-performance capabilities of GFCL EV's Fluoropolymers. Engineered to meet the demanding needs of various industries, our Fluoropolymer solutions stand out for their unmatched chemical resistance, durability, and thermal stability. From powering breakthroughs in automotive and telecommunications to enhancing everyday household appliances, our Fluoropolymers are the secret ingredient behind many modern innovations. With their unique non-adhesive, low friction properties, and resistance to extreme conditions, GFCL EV's Fluoropolymers not only drive efficiency but also push the boundaries of performance and reliability.


Inoflar PVDF binders

Inoflar PVDF resins are exceptionally pure and free of any additives or ionic impurities that can interfere with electrochemical reactions. These are high molecular-weight Fluoropolymers that offer good adhesion and binding properties. Due to their excellent thermal and chemical resistance, they are the preferred binder for Lithium-ion battery applications.

Lithium batteries demand long-term reliability as well as chemical and electrochemical resistance in the specific chemical environment of Li-ion cells. PVDF is electrochemically stable in the full range of voltage between 0 and 5V vs Li+/Li. Also, PVDF resins have a melting point >158°C and no thermal degradation occurs before 375°C for short-term treatments. This guarantees its safe use in the electrochemical environment of the Lithium cell. Inoflar PVDF resins also have high crystallinity levels, which in turn offers high resistance in typical electrolytes used in Lithium Batteries. Inoflar PVDF resins have excellent solubility in polar solvents like NMP and are compatible with all cell chemistries and upcoming Sodium-based chemistry